Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where I am as a Designer

I am an Interior Designer who loves to invest my time in someone’s vision for a space and watch as their dream turns into reality. I established a foundation in the principles and elements of design at Georgia Southern University. I furthered my education in design at Nancy Kitchens Interiors in Augusta, GA as their junior designer focusing on high end residential design as well as commercial design. I was opened to the world of fine aesthetics, but was still grounded on the importance of functionality.
I am now the interior designer for a Builder in Kingsland, Georgia where I am continually learning and furthering my knowledge in design. I have had many great opportunities, but am eager to do more. I am a designer that is excited to help people create a comfortable and functional space while still obtaining beautiful aesthetics through color, texture, and architectural details. So if you are in need of a fresh new living or work environment using sophisticated color palettes as well as creative ideas, please contact me by e-mail at
I have become very interested in the development of my own business by observing the passion and talent through my best friend and extremely talented photographer, Haley Lamb. She has followed her vision and used her ability to become a very skilled photographer. Check out her work on her website at She also has a blog with more of her prints that you can get to through her website or get directly to by going to I have displayed some of her photos that she took of me and my Maltese pup, Witten. Although her primary location is Augusta, GA and the surrounding areas, she loves St. Simmons Island and Savannah, GA so if anyone needs any amazing photos in or around those areas please contact her.